This years flu season is already the most widespread on record, in January alone more people sought care for flulike illnesses than at any comparable period in nearly a decade per The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This increase in cold symptoms has also increased the demand at store & retail level leaving some stores at a shortage on their shelves.

Midway Importing is here to help provide a variety of high quality cough and cold products at fair value pricing. In addition to our top notch Hispanic Beauty Care product mixes we also focus heavily on Health Care oriented items dedicated to the recent high cough and cold demand. Midway does provide more Hispanic oriented and marketed products, but all items are of great quality, high margins, economically priced, and packaged in both English & Spanish for all markets.

Our Cough & Cold product mix would be a great addition to any retail store, and not only help drive sales but we have dedicated merchandisers ready to keep those shelves stocked and ready for the high demand. Midway also provides a comprehensive marketing program designed around tailored merchandising options, and in-store demonstrations. Services that can not be matched by any other distributor.

Would you like more info about expanding your Hispanic Health & Beauty Care mix, or even becoming a Midway retail partner? Please contact us via email or call us directly 1-800-531-3873. We would love to get you in touch with your areas Sales Representative as soon as possible.

Cough and Cold Products
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