Leading distributor of the most trusted brands within the Hispanic Health & Beauty Care category

Midway En
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33 Yearsin the U.S.

2 Distribution
Houston Los Angeles

37 Sales Offices Servicing 44 States

300 Employees
90 Sales and Demonstrators

Midway Approach

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Midway Importing provides the correct mix of products
to meet the needs of each region, retailer, and store.

Customized product

product mix

We deliver trusted brands with proven sales.

Markting program

marketing program

Enhancing consumer awareness & in-store shopping experiences.

National Presence

Midway Importing’s distribution channels reach Hispanic consumers nationwide through Mass Market retailers, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, and wholesalers nationwide.

Midway is more than a distributor. We help our partners select the right mix of products and support them aggressively.

Midway Presence
Midway is considered Category Captain or Counselor for our clients' approach to serving their Hispanic buyers.

Our top Brands and Product Categories

We provide trusted, exciting products to retailers
in areas with medium to large Hispanic populations.

Midway Success Testimonies

“Having the ability to work with a vendor who provides fully tailored services nationwide is not common in this industry. We are ecstatic to have Midway Importing as our Hispanic HBC merchandising partner, and wish all of our vendors worked as efficiently as they do. Thank you Midway

Regional Manager of
National Grocery Chain

“Joining the Midway team has allowed me to increase the sales of my product 30-40% year over year, for the past five years. They are able to provide any manufacturer the opportunity to grow and expand their brands unmatched services.”

HBC Manufacturer

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